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Out-Of-State Weed Can Get You In Trouble In Idaho

With legal marijuana just across the border in Oregon, more and more Idahoans are taking advantage of the ease of access to purchase marijuana in small border towns such as Huntington, Oregon. Since recreational marijuana became legal in Oregon, Huntington has seen a marked increase in traffic from Idaho.

While these marijuana purchasers are no doubt feeling a sense of relief in being able to access their drug of choice without fear of prosecution, they need to keep in mind that marijuana is still illegal in Idaho. Bringing legally purchased marijuana into Idaho can lead to very serious criminal charges depending on the amount brought into the state.

The Idaho State Police are aware of the increase in traffic to border towns such as Huntington. They report having seen more marijuana during traffic stops.

It Is All Too Easy For A Traffic Stop To Become A Drug Arrest

Imagine being pulled over for speeding or any other normally minor traffic issue after having travelled to Oregon to purchase marijuana. You could find yourself facing drug charges.

Given the greater ease of access to marijuana that is happening in so many states, it is easy to see how people could fail to realize how serious it can be to have a drug conviction on your record. Apart from the immediate possible consequences of jail and fines, a drug conviction on your record can create problems for years to come, especially if you are young.

Drug Convictions Seriously Impact Young People's Futures

Drug convictions can create a serious impact in a young person's life. One of the key issues can be access to financial aid for college. A drug conviction can prevent you from having access to a wide variety of financial aid. Further, having a conviction on your record can impact your ability to find a good job.

As marijuana laws are loosened across the nation, it is important to remember what is legal where and do your best to protect yourself against possible drug charges.

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