A Med,
September 2016

Great experience with Mr. Palmer! Truly does his work to get some juices. He drastically helped reduce my husbands DUI that he did not deserve. Highly recommend him as you lawyer!

Matt Leitholt,
June 2016

Very friendly group of people with a great looking, comfortable office.

D. M.,
October 2016

I recently hired Michael P. to help me with my firearms restoration case. He was excellent! He was extremely knowledgeable, professional, and efficient! He was highly composed in the courtroom, which you cannot say about many attorneys out there. Finally, he was very responsive to my phone calls and requests, and his rates were very fair and reasonable. Although my case was dealing with criminal law, I was also recently involved in a very heated child custody battle with another attorney and I would recommend Mr. P. to my family and closest friends for any criminal or family law proceedings no matter the size or severity.

Jennifer Lopez-Ferriby,
May 2014

Michael Palmer is amazing in the court room!